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New Age Vol.2 No.4 Nov. 1955
New Age Vol.2 No.4456 Aug. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.4356 Aug. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.4156 Aug. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.3956 Jul. 1956
New Age Vol.1 No.21 Mar. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.2 Nov. 1954
New Age Vol.1 No.25 Apr. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.26 Apr. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.28 May. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.30 May. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.24 Apr. 1955
Grahamstown and group areas: some facts

Map showing the plan of the city of Grahamstown under the Group Areas.

Maps of the Ciskei: 1975 Consolidation proposals showing 1980 van der Walt Commission proposals

Maps showing the proposed dermacations for resettlement areas

Organise to defeat "Group Areas"
Natives (Prohibition of Interdicts) Act, Act No 64 of 1956

The Act was to prohibit the granting of interdicts or other dilatory orders of court having the effect of staying or suspending the removal or ejectment of natives in certain cases, and to provide for other incidental matters

Statement on the Internal Security Bill

Statement issued by the South African Council of Churches (SACC) expressing discontent about the Internal Security Bill, formerly known as Promotion of State Security Bill. Includes a statement about the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Bill

Indian Opinion Vol.53 No.36 Sep 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.54 No.35 Sep 1956
Indian Opinion Vol.55 No.38 Sep 1957


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