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Fighting Talk Volume 12 Number 9 September 1956

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats

Fighting Talk Volume XI Number 6 June 1953

Fighting Talk - organ of the Springbok legion

Resist Group Areas
Fight the Group Areas bills!
From this to this?

Brochure campaigning against the proposed forced removal of the Fingoes from Grahamstown's Fingo Village to Committee's Drift after Fingo Village was proclaimed a Coloured Area under the Proclamation No. 100, March 26, 1970.

Slum clearance of the portion of Dassiekraal known as slum Case No. S. 577

City of Port Elizabeth Departmental Circular No. 54 of 1954 announcing the relocation of forty seven families from the Dassiekraal slum area to New Brighton Township.

The Group Areas Act
Why the Black Sash opposes the Group Areas Act
Simonstown Black Sash leads the struggle against the Group Areas
From our postbag
The Group Areas Act
Race zoning in cloud cuckoo land
The Ghetto act
No God, no home
The Poison of practical apartheid
South Africa's struggle for democracy
The suicide of group areas
The Natal menace
Reject racist referendum!!!


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