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South African Tragedy: The life and times of Jan Hofmeyr by Alan Paton
Letter from Edwin McDowell to Alan Paton
Notes on formation of Coalition Govt.
Africa's bitter dilemma

Revolutions have often occurred in the history of nations.

Inside South Africa

What is really wrong with South Africa?

The inside trap

A banned South African comments on his government's cry of "no interference".

The Transkei's answer

"Self-rule" and its sequel, from the viewpoint of the All- African Convention and Unity Movement.

Growth and the good relationship

Kenya's white paper on African socialism.

Rhodesia's oppressive alliance

Interests and settlers versus Africans.

Nigeria: the politics of socio-economic bankruptcy

The politics of socio-economic bankruptcy.

Leaders and followers

Implications of the strain on democratic institutions imposed by vigorous development politics in Africa.

Verwoerd's South African "Commonwealth" solution

A moderate view.

Comment: lessons for Zimbabwe

Comment on the lessons to be learned by Zimbabwe.

Defending the indefensible

The role of the High Commission Territories.

Addis Ababa Bonuses


Providing for Revolution


Not quite banned

Editorial about the attempt by the South African Government to threaten the continued publication of The New African.

The skin-hats stage

Looking at the Rhodesia to Zimbabwe process.


Article about the chance of change in South Africa.

Transkei self-government - To the Right of "Neo-Colonialism"

Opponents of the government's policy for the Transkei tend to divide into two camps.


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