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Part 2: the Apartheid Counter Revolution: a permanent Emergency?

Article by the United Democratic Front in which it looks at the violence on the South African youths by the government in its counter revolution.

Views on a constitution making body

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

"Action" against fraud and corruption
Consensus politics - coercion
Health care: from bad to worse
Two sides of a leaf
The campaign against VAT
The judge without the vote
VAT - another government blunder
Don't be fooled by De Klerk
The fraud of the so-called economic reforms of P.W.Botha
The return of the prodigal
The super bunglers
"I'm not the last white head of state" - F.W. De Klerk

Mr F.W. de Klerk recently told a German political magazine, "Der Spiegel", that he did not believe he would be the last white head of state in South Africa.

Is F.W. de Klerk a man of integrity?
No suprises in ministerial appointments
New Land Affairs Minister sets priorities
Government to give land to Lebowa
South Africa is at war


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