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Workers resist controls on our union

Article about how the government and the bosses tried to prevent the workers from organising and how they tried to weaken any organisation the workers establish. Also about the democratic control of the Union by the workers and only by the workers.

Transformation of the United Democratic Front

A brief contribution to the ongoing discussion on the transformation of the United Democratic Front.It focuses on a number of issues which represents what could become the broad orientation of the United Democratic Front.

Consensus politics - coercion
"Action" against fraud and corruption
Views on a constitution making body

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

Part 2: the Apartheid Counter Revolution: a permanent Emergency?

Article by the United Democratic Front in which it looks at the violence on the South African youths by the government in its counter revolution.

Health care: from bad to worse
Two sides of a leaf
The campaign against VAT
The judge without the vote
VAT - another government blunder
The fraud of the so-called economic reforms of P.W.Botha
Don't be fooled by De Klerk
The return of the prodigal
"I'm not the last white head of state" - F.W. De Klerk

Mr F.W. de Klerk recently told a German political magazine, "Der Spiegel", that he did not believe he would be the last white head of state in South Africa.

The super bunglers
Is F.W. de Klerk a man of integrity?
No suprises in ministerial appointments
New Land Affairs Minister sets priorities


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