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Mr Louw and Africa
The Prime Minister and Union Day
Congratulations ...
Bone-throwing at Umbilo
The New Year
"Oh, to be in England now ..."
The Government and the Appeal Court
Mailed fist or ham fist?
Participation, negotiation and the future: the Congress view
Their new deal...
We are proved right
Letter from Stephen Chesine to Oliver Tambo

Letter from Stephen Chesine to Oliver Tambo regarding suggestions for new constitutional arrangements for South Africa. Includes copies of letters from Buckingham Palace and the South African Embassy in Canada.

Letter from Jack Simons to Comrade President

Handwritten letter from Jack Simons to Comrade President sent as a cover letter to his four page typescript comment (included) on the address of P W Botha to the South African Parliament on 25 January 1985.

It will take more than a bomb to stop Cosatu
The lessons to be learnt from British coal miners' strike
Cosatu ban: state hopes to smash apartheid resistance
Lesson of Crossroads squatter struggles
To all residents of Soweto, hostels, Reef and Pretoria, we say: remember you are all Blacks

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, in English, Zulu and a translation into Afrikaans, is an appeal to all residents of Soweto and surrounding areas to stop fighting amongst themselves and guard against the tactics of the government which cause division amongst Bl

Government welfare policy and the welfare charter movement


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