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Letter from Bob Schwartz to Phyllis Naidoo

For 33 years, our government has used its strength and power to enforce a devastating economic blockade of Cuba. And for all those years, they've argued that this morally bankrupt "non-violent" tactic was appropriate. They are wrong. Yet their cruel blockade continues.

Letter from Edwin McDowell to Alan Paton
Letter from Flora to Phyllis Naidoo

Yesterday late about 8p.m Mr Mgalitye was here at my place.

Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for the letter of the 15th, November, which arrived here safely with us. We are always pleased to receive your letter and hear your news. You are our best-loved friends in all the world. We love you all. My birthday is tomorrow 27th, November.

Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo and Suks

Thank you for your lovely letter received today, Thursday.

Letter from Jack Simons to Comrade President

Handwritten letter from Jack Simons to Comrade President sent as a cover letter to his four page typescript comment (included) on the address of P W Botha to the South African Parliament on 25 January 1985.

Letter from John Daniel to University Principals and others

Covering letter from NUSAS President with Open letter to the Minister of Justice, Mr PC Pelser regarding the attacks on NUSAS.

Letter from Kathy to Phyllis Naidoo

I'm so sorry it has been so long between letters. I've thought of you so much.

Letter from Murphy Morobe

Letter from Murphy Morobe regarding the re-messange to the Frecnch government

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

I received your letter today and it was so upsetting. I could see you sitting unladylike at the desk in pain.

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

It is finished, Reagan really got a clear consensus. I am really afraid of what that will mean for you.

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Just opened your letter today.

Letter from Stephen Chesine to Oliver Tambo

Letter from Stephen Chesine to Oliver Tambo regarding suggestions for new constitutional arrangements for South Africa. Includes copies of letters from Buckingham Palace and the South African Embassy in Canada.

Letter from Wayne to Phyllis Naidoo and Sukhthi

I wish you weren’t so far away so we could at least plan to get together soon. We’ve been gone about two months and it seems like much longer.

Letter from Will Warren to Phyllis Naidoo

Once again I delay writing to you, for which I am sorry.

Letter to the editor: Sword of Damocles over South Africa
Letter to the Right Hourable the Prime Minister

The South African Indian Organisation is grievously concerned with the statements that are being made by various ministers of the Government on the Indian question. These statements, we venture to submit, are calculated to future deteriorate the relationship.....

Libyan note-book
Mailed fist or ham fist?


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