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The Transkei's answer

"Self-rule" and its sequel, from the viewpoint of the All- African Convention and Unity Movement.

The Universities, Freedom of Speech and Government
The Village and the castle
The White opposition in South Africa
Their new deal...
This is South Africa

While still a developing country by UN definition South Africa is the most highly developed country by far on the African continent.
Including six self-governing Black national states...

This is South Africa

The Republic of South Africa, which In the past few decades has developed into a regional economic and military power of note.....

This law is in danger
Those the Gods Wish to Destroy
To all residents of Soweto, hostels, Reef and Pretoria, we say: remember you are all Blacks

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, in English, Zulu and a translation into Afrikaans, is an appeal to all residents of Soweto and surrounding areas to stop fighting amongst themselves and guard against the tactics of the government which cause division amongst Bl

Top level talks in Portugal: divide and rule won't work
Towards a climax
TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) Newsletter Number 10 April 1986
TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) Newsletter Number 12 February 1987
TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) Newsletter Number 21 April 1992
TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) Newsletter Number 23 August 1992
Transformation of the United Democratic Front

A brief contribution to the ongoing discussion on the transformation of the United Democratic Front.It focuses on a number of issues which represents what could become the broad orientation of the United Democratic Front.

Transkei self-government - To the Right of "Neo-Colonialism"

Opponents of the government's policy for the Transkei tend to divide into two camps.

Troika homes

Troika has built and soldsome forty houses in the Tongaat area. Former caneland near  Fairbreeze has been transformed into a beautiful, modern township. More such townships are to follow.....

Two sides of a leaf


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