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Hosken - Chairman of Johannesburg European Committee

He was a Natal merchant originally (1874–89), then moved to Johannesburg, primarily selling ammunition, dynamite, and arms. He was arrested for his involvement in the Jameson Raid, though fled to Natal during the war.

Honorable G K Gokhale, member of the Legisslative Council of India, in Durban, 1912. Visited South Africaat request of Gandhi. Gandhi 4th from left and Gokhale 5th from left, front row.

Black and white print 25.8 x 19.3cm

Hindu Women Association, 1913. Kasturba 4th from the left front row; Gandhi 5t from the left front row.

Black and white print 25.8 x 20.2cm

Herby Govinden, Phyllis Naidoo, Betty Govinden and Dr Tootla at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
Henry Polak editor of the Indian Opinion

Henry Polak. Polak is an editor Gandhi befriends at a vegetarian restaurant

Henry Polak

Passive Resister

Harilal M Gandhi

Harilal Mohandas Gandhi was the eldest son of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi. He had three younger brothers: Manilal Gandhi, Ramdas Gandhi and Devdas Gandhi.

Harbat Singh (Passive Resister)

Harbat Singh (Passive Resister)

Group at Lord's Ground, Durban. Re : Speech by Gokhale (1912).

Meeting on the 3 pound Tax

Graca Machel and Devaki Jain at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
Gokhale meeting on 3 Pound Tax Lords ground Durban

Group at Lord's Ground, Durban. Re : Speech by Gokhale (1912).

Gokaldas Gandhi

Mr. Gokaldas P. Gandhi, who led a party of Passive Resisters from Tongaat district, c. 1910.

Gandi Centenary

Black and white print 28.8 x 20.2cm

Gandhiji leading a batch of 78 volunteers to the sea - coast to break the salt law, 1930

Passive Resistance

Gandhi: the South African Experience

Without the challenges, the trials, and the opportunities that his South African experience brought him, it is unlikely that his personality and politics could have ...

Gandhi, South African Experience

Cover of the book by Maureen Swan

Gandhi, Miss Schlesin and H Kallenbach

Black and white print 19.5 x 25.9cm

Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition, Documentation Centre

University of Durban-Westville

Gandhi's lamp, Phoenix

Black and white print 20.2 x 25.8cm

Gandhi's house in Phoenix

Gandhi's house in Phoenix Settlement


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