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Indian High Commissioner Jain and Govan Mbeki at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
Indian Indenture Documents

One of the earliest first hand accounts of the labourers was furnished in 1863 by the German traveller, Fritsch. He notes that they "far surpassed the .African tribes in skill and adaptability.

Indian Problem Survey - Property held in Natal

A full survey of the South African Indian problem was given that night to the Durban Library group by Mr W P M Henderson ex.Town Clerk of Durban.

Inscription in a room used by Gandhi at Phoenix

Black and white print 25.9 x 20.2cm

Institutional Hinduism: The Founding of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, 1912

The majority of the indentured workers who were shipped to Natal between 1860 and 1911 to serve as a source of cheap labour settled in the colony after completing their indentures.

International printing press

Printing Press on Gandhi Settlement

Interview with Pat McKenzie, conducted by Pat Merrett
Ismail Meer, Indian HC Jain and guest at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi

Black and white print 25.7 x 20.2cm

Jay Naidoo at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
JJ Doke

J. J. Doke, can be described as a generous and natural giver, who in the trials of others, showed sympathy, that prompted him to serve. J. J. Doke, was sympathetic to the desire of the Indians for improved civil rights.

Joseph Royeppen arrested

Passive Resistance

Kallenbach the owner of Tolstoy farm

Dr. Hermann Kallenbach (1 March 1871 – 25 March 1945) was a German-Jewish architect who ... Kallenbach himself named this farm after Leo Tolstoy as he was deeply influenced by Tolstoy's writings and philosophy. Abandoning the life of a ...

Kasturba and her four sons

Family photograph

Kasturba Gandhi

Mrs Kasturba Gandhi

Last photo of Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi in Durban with several friends

Gandhi and Friends

Last photograph of Mahatma and Kastuurba Gandhi in Durban with friends

Tributes to Gandhi from the Unpublished book on the "Life og Gandhi" by the Pretoria Tamil Society.

Late Mr S Naggappan

Late Mr S Naggappan

Late SORZAI Strike victim

Passive Resistance Struggle

Letter from Devasie Pillay to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Devasie Pillay to Phyllis Naidoo


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