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Freedom Charter - all national groups shall have equal rights
The land shall be shared
The Cosatu Declaration
The Freedom Charter as adopted at the Congress of the People on 26 June 1955
The people shall govern
The church and the struggle for a democratic alternative

Paper presented at the Diakonia workshop held on May 19, 1988, calling for the renewal and transformation of the Church as a site of struggle as part of the national democratic struggle.

Health and the Freedom Charter
The Freedom Charter - for and against
Metal unions merge toward 1 union 1 industry
The Trial takes shape
The Trial takes shape (III)
The Same boat
South Africa's struggle for democracy
Congress replies
The Freedom Charter
Discussion Paper on the transformation of the United Democratic Front

Discussion Paper on the transformation of the United Democratic Front and the future of UDF.

Immediate prospect for SACP

Article in Voice of Women , Number 3, 1983, on the immediate prospect for SACP. It discusses the Suppression of Communist Act of 1950, the Freedom Charter, Sharpeville 1966.

ANC lines up a new constitution for South Africa

South Africa declares that the elimanation of apartheid and the creation of a truly just and democratic South Africa requires a constitution based on various principles eg. state, franchise, national identity etc.

Fourth anniversary of the United Democratic Front: four fighting years

Article regarding United Democratic Front fourth anniversary. During this period UDF managed to draw together disparate and often unco-ordinated forces in the mass-based democratic movement into a mighty national anti-apartheid front.

Should we participate in tri-cameralism? A position promoting the idea

An article about whether or not to participate in a tri-cameralism, a writer starts off by saying that, entering parliament, is not a priniciple move, but rather a change of tactic and they remain committed to the realisation of the people's demands as stipulated in the Freedom Charter.


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