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Constitutional Guidelines Seminar, 17 May 1989: Report

Report of the Congress of South African Trade Unions Constitutional Guidelines Seminar held in Soweto, 17 May 1989.

Editorial: The Buthelezi Commission
The University of Natal: Statement
A statement on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the African National Congress

Statement by Alfred Nzo, Secretary General of the African National Congress on the ANC's 65th Anniversary. Examines history of the party, the current political crisis in South Africa, and suggests items to focus on in the future.

ANC Policy: Racial Harmony

Policy statement by the African National Congress (ANC), prepared by Defense attorneys for guidance of Counsel in State vs Mandela and others in the trial known as the Rivonia Trial.

"Our call is theological": Address to the National Summit of the Historic Black Churches, Howard Inn, Washington DC on 10 January 1989
The Freedom Charter
The church and the Freedom Charter
Constitutionsl guidelines for a democratic South Africa
The Freedom Charter
ANC lines up a new constitution for South Africa
Workers must discuss how guidelines add to Freedom Charter
The Freedom Charter
Bakhala ngeFreedom Charter: COSATU adopts the Freedom Charter
Nationalisation of the mines is the only option
Some notes on political education requirements inside

Notes on political education in South Africa. Examines levels of political education requiring attention and the resources required.

New Age Vol.7 No.22 Mar. 1961
New Age Vol.6 No.7 Dec. 1959
New Age Vol.3 No.8 Dec. 1956
New Age Vol.3 No.9 Dec. 1956


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