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South African Indian Congress Resolution - February/July 1946

South African Indian Congress. Resolutions passed at the.......

South Indian Congress – Reply of the South African Indian Congress to the memorandum submitted by the Government of the Union of South Africa on subject of the Indian Question document

Reply of the SAIC.....

Speech : SAIC : Presidential Address delivered by Hajee A S Kajee at the opening of the conference at Durban re : UNO, Franchise, Housing, Licences

South African Indian Congress Conference

Statement of the SAIC to the members of the United Nations

Statemen tof the South African Indian Congress to the members of the United Nations

Statement of the South Indian Congress Delegation Viscount Wavell

His excellency field marshall the right honourable......

Step up campaign against Bantustans and all dummy institutions!
Summary of the Commission Report on Education

Summary of N.I.C. Conference

Sundry Correspondence


Telegram by YC Meer SAIC formation 1946


The accused 156 leaders of the Congress Alliance

The accused 156 leaders of the Congress Alliance comprised men & women of every racial group & from every part of the country.

The ANC and the Bill of Rights 1923 to 1993
The ANC and the road to negotiations

N.I.C. Documents

The Charter and monopolies
The church and the Freedom Charter
The church and the struggle for a democratic alternative

Paper presented at the Diakonia workshop held on May 19, 1988, calling for the renewal and transformation of the Church as a site of struggle as part of the national democratic struggle.

The Cosatu Declaration
The Freedom Charter
The Freedom Charter

An article adopted at the Congress of the people in Kliptown, Johannesburg regarding the declaration made by the people of South Africa that South Africa belong to all who live in it , black and white, and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of all the peo

The Freedom Charter


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