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Memo submitted by the SAIC to the Honorable Minister

Memo from SAIC

Metal unions merge toward 1 union 1 industry
Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the N.I.C.

Interview with representatives of the Tongaat.......

N.I.C. Memorandum to Prime minister

Natal Indian Congress

Natal Indian Congress - 1983-1989

Newspaper Articles

Natal Indian Congress - First Annual Conference


Natal Indian Congress and Constitution - 1979-1984
Natal Indian Congress and United Democratic Front - 1983-1986

Newspaper Articles

Natal Indian Congress conference resolution

N.I.C Resolution

Natal Indian Congress conference resolutions

N.I.C. Resolution draft

Natal Indian Congress first annual conference


Natal Indian Congress Memorandum 1948


Natal Indian Congress Memorandum to Prime minister


Natal Indian Congress statement to Durban passenger transport commission of enquiry


Natal Indian Congress to join ANC press cuttings 1989 to 1990

Press cuttings

Natal Indian Congress: General press cuttings

newspaper cuttings

Natal Indian Congress: Referendum and New Constitution


Nationalisation of the mines is the only option
Nationalisation: a matter of slogans?
Nelson Mandela's Testimony At the Treason Trial, 1956-1960

In response to the growing unity and strength of the Congress Movement as a united front following the adoption of the Freedom Charter, the government arrested 156 political leaders in a mass police swoop on 5 December 1956 and charged them with high treason, a grave charge carrying the death pen


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