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Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXX No.7 Issued 1 August 1983
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXVII No.9 Issued 26 November 1980
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVIII No. 3 Issued 5 April 1971
Civil Rights News Letter, December 1959
Civil Rights News Letter, April 1957
Statement issued by the Seaview/Bellair branch of the Natal Indian Congress

Gentlemen, On the 30th April, 1944 a sub committee specially appointed to prepare a statement on the grievances of the Indian people of the district met and the deliberation of this committee are set below.....

Memorandum presented by the Overport Tamil Welfare Society

We the Undersigned Officials of the Overport Tamil Welfare Society beg to express our grateful thanks to you for affording us this opportunity of submitting....

Memorandum presented by the Stanger and District Branch

Re: Natal Indian Judicial Commission.

We enclose herewith copy of Memorandum presented to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by our Branch of Congress

Hofmeyr: Alan Paton
Non-racial democracy: the policies of the Liberal Party of South Africa
Government's disregard of the pledged word
Extracts from the Round Table
Manifesto of protest against the so-called compromise concerning the Cape Native Franchise
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