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World Federation condemns "witchhunt"
What does Fosatu stand for?
The FOSATU education workshop and worker education
Profile of a worker leader

The FOSATU Worker News here kicks off with the first of a series of interviews with FOSATU's worker leaders.

Praise poem to FOSATU
Latest wage increases
FOSATU`s stance spelled out
FOSATU's worker festival
Fosatu Worker News

Fosatu Worker News was first published in 1979 with the formation of the Federation of South African Trade Unions and was distributed amongst all union members with the aim of uniting workers in the struggle for fair and equitable labour practice in South Africa.

FOSATU on unity
FOSATU granted non-racial exemptions

Last month the State hastily granted non-racial exemptions to 6 FOSATU affiliates shortly after prohibiting FOSATU from raising funds.

FOSATU education workshop 1985
FOSATU calls on workers worldwide to unite and fight against oppression
FOSATU calls for release of detainees

The FOSATU Executive has condemned the 'inhuman' detention of two organisers from affiliated unions.

FOSATU calls for a delay on new tax plan
FOSATU boosts national unity
Executive slams union split

The FOSATU Executive has strongly condemned the four sacked union officials for forming the splinter United Metal Mining and Allied Workers Union.

Don`t Vote: as elections creep nearer FOSATU goes door to door urging people not to vote

Thousands of homes in the Eastern Cape have been visited by FOSATU organisers and shop stewards as the federation steps up its campaign to urge so-called coloured and Indian workers to not vote on August 22 and 28

Apartheid must go, says report


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