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Intermixing of European and Non-Europeans

The following letter was received from the Provincial secretary......

Minutes of Proceedings of Twentieth Public Setting

Your branch has furnished the Commission with a memorandum which we have read. It will not be necessary for you to repeat anything that is contained in that memorandum.....

Umzumbi Malaria Committee

It is represented to the committee that there were eight acquisitions of farms by Indians....

South Africa in 1965

Incident on a Highveld Farm.

Editorial: Ngotshe
Stendahl Mission: A Lesson for the Churches
Developments of Practical Strategies for Improved Worker Relationships With the Farmer
Memorandum: the policy implications of amending or abolishing the Trespass Act No. 6 of 1959

Memorandum against the Trespass Act No. 6 of 1959

Concerning peasants
Fighting Talk Volume 13 number 5 July 1959

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats

Border farmers rise to the challenge
"As far as is practicable and possible"
Update on resettlement: Part 2
The Weenen farm evictions
The land is our life ... labour tenants` struggle for land rights
Labour tenancy in Natal
What are we asking for? A stay on evictions of labour tenants and farm dwellers
Topic: cattle impounding in the Weenen area
Afra Newsletter

Afra Newsletter, Report and Factsheet, all published by the Association for Rural Advancement, present case studies of families personally affected by the forced removals and "black spot" removal policy of the National Government.

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