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Ooka Bhana
Ooka Bhana
Son, Father, Mother.
Son, Father, Mother.
Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Sorry I did not make it over at lunchtime. I am not packed yet and must be ready by "ten to four".

Mrs Colenso and family

Black and white print 16.5 x 21.5cm

Family and Friends of HS Done in 1925

1378 x 2042

Son of HS Done

Dimension - 880 x 1264

HS Done with family 1951

Dimension - 1409 x 1014

Letter from Kaka to Phyllis Naidoo

From the hospital, where I have been since 4/5/80. I become very emotional when I receive letters from loved ones and your loving letters of the 12thhas shattered me more than you realise. 

Kasturba and Mahatma Gandhi with members of the P K Naidoo family in Johannesburg. Mr Naidoo was one of the most earnest passive resisters.

Black and white print 19.4 x 25.9cm

Letter from Zinhle Moyo to Phyllis Naidoo

Firstly i would like to thank God who gave me the opportunity to write you one. Don't be surprised by receiving one from me, it's Zinhle of Zimbabwe whom you took with here a photo in Beit-Bridge border town.

Painting of an Indian settler family

Painting of an Indian settler family

Notes on Buthelezi
Learning From Success Changing Family Patterns and the Generation of Social Work Practice

In different parts of the world there are social workers and other professionals who see their main task in tending those who, in the midst of plenty, have fallen by the wayside. Committed professionals can carry out this work only if they are equipped for it.

The experiences of marriage and family by Indian migrants under indenture in colonial Natal.

This thesis attempts to examine the social institutions of marriage and family as experienced by Indian migrants under indenture in colonial Natal.

Hindu Religion and the Family

Despite the intrusions by way of education, the secularization process and socio-economic advances, traditional Hinduism over the last century and a quarter in South Africa has retained its subjective conservatism.

The Family Relationship in Islam

To Muslims, Islam is the code of life which God has revealed for the guidance of mankind. In Islam there is complete coordination of the spiritual and material aspects of human life.


South African Indian life beginning towards the latter half of the nineteenth century on the basis of the indentured male worker,had become strongly family centred at the beginning of the twentieth century....

Disobedient Daughters: Debating Culture and Rights in Rural KwaZulu-Natal

Disobe High levels of unemployment in South Africa have shifted rural households away from a reliance on male migrant wages and towards a diversity of income-generating strategies.


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