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Letter from C K Walters to the Roads Department
F N Broome. Esq, K.C., M.C. Chairman - Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Sir, At a meeting of the Commission held on the 3rd November 1944 the Indian situation as it had then developed was discussed by the Commission.....

From Humansdorp to Keiskammahoek - The Expropriation and Removal of a Fingo Community
Editorial: A Mean Act
Statement issued by the Council and Staff of the Federal Theological Seminary, Alice, Cape Province

This is a journal article containing a statement from the Council and Staff of the Federal Theological Seminary about the request of the University of Fort Hare to purchase the Federal Seminary located on the boundary of the University property.

Will the property clause deliver on restoration?
Cremin landowner asks court to return land
The struggle for return of title deeds
We won`t forget the golden years ...
Crimen case goes to court
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