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Letter from Zambian Acting Chief Immigration Officer to Jack Simons

Letter from D J Cator, Zambian Acting Chief Immigration Officer, to Jack Simons granting an Entry Permit for Jack and Ray Simons and their son.

Letter from Sizakhele Sigxashe to Ray Simons

Handwritten letter from Sizakhele Sigxashe, in Dar es Salaam, to Ray Simons in Lusaka, regarding problems and opportunism in exile.

Circular on the London office

The External Affairs Office of the Black Peoples Convention was set up by a resolution to handle foreign public relations and programmes for the welfare of refugee members. This is a circular from the London office.

London Summit Meeting
The meaning of Black Consciousness in the struggle for liberation

The meaning and definition of Black Consciousness in South Africa is discussed as well as the challenge of developing community projects. The formation of SASO (South African Students Organisation) and the impact of Black Consciousness on politics in South Africa are also discussed.

A Valediction of forbidding mourning
The Living dead
Dedication: Comrade Zulei Christopher


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