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Grassroots August 1981

A non-profit community newsletter.

Pine Rd. residents don't want to move
Grassroots Volume 4 Number 3 April 1983

A non-profit community newsletter.

Anger at eviction notices
Grassroots Volume 2 Number 2 April 1981

A non-profit community newsletter.

Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Act: Punitive Squatting Act signed: 9 February 1989

Circular relating to the prevention of Illegal Squatting Act of 1951 which prohibited the creation and occupation of almost all informal housing

East Cape Agricultural Union refers to Bill

Newspaper article relating to East Cape Agricultural Union's policy towards farm workers and farm evictions following evictions of farm dwellers on some farms in the Kei Road District

Cape Provincial Administration to resettle farm dwellers

Article relating to the re-settling of farm dwellers evicted from Wolseley Estate, Kei Road by the Cape Provincial Administration's community services office

Kei Road farmers sabotage meeting claims priest

Newspaper article relating to the Kei Road Farmers Association meeting held to discuss farm dwellers' evictions.

Farm evictions: Democratic Party's policy

Newspaper article on the Democratic Party's policy regarding farm workers and farm evictions.This was in response to an appeal by the Anglican Bishop of Grahamstown, Bishop David Russell, for the Democratic Party to outline its policy on farm workers.

The position of the Democratic Movement on participation in institutions of minority rule in the oppressed communities

Article outlining the position of the Democratic Movement on participation in institutions of minority rule in the oppressed communities.

Focus on farm evictions: 3. The present framework
Focus on farm evictions: 2. Vryheid, Richmond, Hlobane
Focus on farm evictions: 1. Weenen
"As far as is practicable and possible"
Update on resettlement: Part 2
Papene Sibisi - case study of an eviction
Rural tenants and land rights
Mooibank labour tenants win land rights from Mondi
Natal farm labour tenants take steps to organise


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