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"A man of keen perceptive faculties" : Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri, an "Arab" in Colonial Natal, circa 1872-1887

Indians arrived in South Africa in two streams. Between 1860 and 1911, a total of 152 184 indentured labourers were introduced into colonial Natal mainly to work on the sugar plantations, though some were employed in other sectors of the economy. This initial flow …

Multiple communities: Muslims in post-apartheid South Africa

In letters to newspapers and call-in programmes on radio stations, and also among many journalists and political commentators, South Africa's Muslims are largely viewed as a monolith, whether they live in the working-class townships of Phoenix in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), the Cape Flats in the Western

Nation and ethnicity
Race and Ethnicity - South African and International Perspectives
The melting pot
Identity to the fore
Customs, past and respect
Calling all Zulus
Editorial: Thinking the Unthinkable
Sentencing in a Multi-Racial and Multi-Ethnic Society
Memorandum about the Ciskei independence

Memorandum opposing the creation of a homeland government in the Ciskei based on its negative socio-economic impact on black people.

The right to differ
Nation-building: forging ahead regardless?


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