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White Politics: a post-election assessment
Editorial: That Election
Editorial: Rand Daily Mail
Dark Thoughts
Notes Jotted Down During the Whites-Only Election
The 1974 Election - Some Personal Reflections
Editorial: Advice to White South Africans
Chapter eighteen: Namibia
That Owambo election
Community councils: control and co-option
Cuba's tears
We know who, but we don`t know how
More great participation debates
SAIC - participation or boycott
Why Management Committees should be totally rejected

Statement on why Management Committees should be totally rejected, Management committees are footless as government created bodies who have the final say in vital issues.

Detention of United Democratic Front's activists

The UDF totally condemns the detention of more than thirty (30) campaigners against apartheid in Natal, the Eastern Cape, the Transvaal and Oudtshoorn. We demand the immediate release of all these activists and the cessation of these acts of terror.

Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Taro Nakayama

Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Taro Nakayama regarding the election of the new State President in South Africa

United Democratic Front statement on management committees

Statement in preparations for the Management Committee elections as people are being flooded with pamphlets regarding the elections. Document incomplete.

National Executive Committee statement for United Democratic Front news

Statement from the National Executive Committee appreciating the achievements by the United Democratic Front since the launch, and thanking people for their response in boycotting the elections. First draft also included.



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