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The free, fair and festive election in Namibia: contrast and irony
The fraudulent elections of 6 May '87
The Election of a government
The Congo (III): after independence
The challenge of rural local government

N.I.C. Documents

The Black Sash National Headquarters report 1973 to 1975

The Black Sash National Headquarters report for National Conference presented on 10 October 1975, discussing: General Elections, Campaign on African Women, Migrant Labour, Program for Social Change, public relations.

The 1988 Municipal Elections

Article on the 1988 municipal elections. It discusses the background information on what these elections will involve and why they are being held. Local Government in South Africa is also discussed.

The 1974 Election - Some Personal Reflections
The 1958 general election
That Owambo election
That Election
Take note, women vote
Swinging Right
Surviving crazy insects and human beings
Survey unpacks April 1994
Summary of the Commission Report on Education

Summary of N.I.C. Conference

Straight talk: The Koornhof dichotomy
Statement presented to the five Western Powers Talks in New York by the delegation of the Namibia Patriotic Coalition

A document containing proposals by the Namibia Patriotic Coalition and presented to the Five Western Powers Contact Group for stregthening the cause of peaceful constitutional transition to independence for Namibia.

Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Taro Nakayama

Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Taro Nakayama regarding the election of the new State President in South Africa


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