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The people say no to House of Delegates
The occupation of the British Consulate in Durban, the Anderson visit and the role of the United Democratic Front in the international struggle against apartheid

Discussion paper by the United Democratic Front on its stand regarding the international struggle against apartheid, the British Consulate occupation and the Anderson visit.

The New African: Volume 4, Number 2, April 1965
The New African: Volume 1, Number 12, December 1962
The Natal elections
The Lesson of the Transkei
The labour movement after the elections: taking stock
The Kenya question mark
The Johannesburg Municipal elections
The hypocrisy of the English press
The general elections - what do they hold in store for black workers?
The General Election
The free, fair and festive election in Namibia: contrast and irony
The fraudulent elections of 6 May '87
The Election of a government
The Congo (III): after independence
The challenge of rural local government
The Black Sash National Headquarters report 1973 to 1975

The Black Sash National Headquarters report for National Conference presented on 10 October 1975, discussing: General Elections, Campaign on African Women, Migrant Labour, Program for Social Change, public relations.

The 1988 Municipal Elections

Article on the 1988 municipal elections. It discusses the background information on what these elections will involve and why they are being held. Local Government in South Africa is also discussed.

The 1974 Election - Some Personal Reflections


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