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"Cheated not defeated": background to the British Guiana election
"I will only vote for a free Azania"
"Optimistic things will change for the better after April"
"Stuck in the middle" and scared
A better life for all

ANC pamphlet issued by the Department of Information and Publicity for the 1994 elections.

A Franchise System for Divided Communities
A peep at progress
A Reply to Christopher Merrett on "That Election"
Africa and the British electorate
After the white election
Algeria and De Gaulle
All-or-nothing election for the National Party: reform crucial for Afrikanerdom
An Analysis of the Crisis Facing Us All
An approach to the Democratic party

This article argues that the Democratic Party is a significant force over which the MDM can gain access and influence and the Democratic Partys election strategy and its decision over participation in the coloured and Indian houses remains an explosive situation. Incomplete document.

An old seductive tune
ANC Branch Letter

Branch letter in the ANC Cape Town Branch Newsletter summarising the ANC Political Education Discussion Paper, no. 5 called 'Mass organisation is key to victory!

Angola: Election cannot replace a culture of democracy
APDUSA Bulletin 3: Dont help sellouts to get R40 000 a year

This pamphlet analysis and illustrates the results of the elections held in 1981, in which the government offered the SAIC to the Indian people. The liberatory movement introduced the Dont Vote Campaign and about 90% of the people boycotted the elections.

APDUSA Bulletin 5: War on sellouts!

In this pamphlet APDUSA expresses their concerns over the results of the elections on August 22 and 28 1984 ; as well as what the consequences will be of those that choose to vote in the elections.

APDUSA Bulletin 6: A boot to lick!

A cartoonists impression of a selected few candidates standing for election on August 22 and 28 1984.


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