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Press Release

"Since the last conference of our Congress, the Indian people in common vvith the African and coloured peoples, have been subjected to unmitigated oppression on grounds of race and colour.....

Presidential address to South Africa Indian Congress by Mr A Christopher

President of the South African Indian Congress at the Emergency Conference

Presidential address of Dr G M Naicker acting President of the South African Indian Congress to the twenty-second Conference of the South African Indian Congress

Presidentail Address

Presidential Address delivered by Mr Sorabjee Rustomjee, President of the South African Indian Congressat the Emergency Conference held in Johannesburg

SIAC Conference - 31st December 1931 till 1 January 1932

Political Development

Geskiedenis Van die Suid-Afrikaanse Indeeraad

Petition of the SAIC 1946


Peter Brown/Reality Collection: 'People go to the polls in the Mtoko district in relatively peaceful period. Before the ceasefire the average death rate was between 0 + 100 per day, during the election it itself was 5'

Black and white print 14.2 x 18.9

Peoples Unity official newsletter of the anti-South African Indian Council committee Natal 20 Sep 1981 no1

Official Newsletter of the Anti-SAIC Council

Opening Address by Chief Albert J Luthuli, President-General, African National Congress to the 22nd Bennial Conference of the South African Indian Congress meeting at Gandhi Hall.

Once again another biennial conf erence is upon you.....

Notes on the SAIC

Notes and Correspondences

NIC leaders in Detention - 1980-1981

Press articles

NIC and SAIC Campaigns - 1979-1984

Newsapaper Articles

NIC and communism NIC and Buthelezi press cuttings 1980 to 1989

Newspaper Articles

Newspaper article: Jacob Zuma, one of KwaZulu Natal's most prominent sons, is fast emerging as the faourite for the position of ANC deputy president

While the controversy over nominations for the ANC deputy presidency rages on and South Africans ponder whether Jacob Zuma, the party leadership's favorite, will indeed become the ANC's next deputy president, Mr Zuma himself hardly appears to be hardly enjoying his share of the excitement.

Natal Indian Congress: Referendum and New Constitution


Natal Indian Congress: General press cuttings

newspaper cuttings

Natal Indian Congress to join ANC press cuttings 1989 to 1990

Press cuttings

Natal Indian Congress statement to Durban passenger transport commission of enquiry


Natal Indian Congress Memorandum to Prime minister


Natal Indian Congress Memorandum 1948



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