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Ethnic universities
The Abyss of Bantu education
A Tax on poverty
Constituent Assembly and Interim Government

Paper prepared by the African National Congress Department of Political Education, on defining a constitution, what kind of constitution the ANC would like to see in South Africa, how it could be achieved and defining and discussing an interim government.

Alternative Education

Paper by Jack Simons on alternative education. Outlines an alternative education system for South Africa.

Education and family life

Description of how poverty and poor family life contribute to poor education

Some structural implications of education

Paper by Jack Simons on the implications of education in Africa. Examines the history of education in Africa and suggests the way forward.

Parents in the education struggle
Model C schools - the ongoing charade
A tribute to Ahmed Hassim (Amdhi)
Defend the five teachers
The student struggle and you
"Indian Education" in a mess
"Indian Education" in a mess
Marxist Education Theory No. 3: Imperialism: the last stage of capitalism
Why you should be a Communist
Free Ghana, free Africa
Marxism-Leninism theory and practice: What is Communism?
Worker lecture series
Workers' advisory project


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