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Platoon system at schools

A system in which pupils are split into groups and undertake separate classes or activities, especially (in earlier use) in rotation, so that a longer school day might include periods of exercise, vocational work.

Old Indian School

Image of an old school building

A kitchen scene

Staff in the school kitchen

Two females

Image of females at a school

Mrs Simon Vedamuthu, first qualified women teacher

Mrs Simon Vedamuthu First. Qualified Woman Teacher. Natal Indian Teachers 1903. Even though the community rallied together and raised pound

Henry Nundoo
First Government Indian School Umgeni

In 1896, the first government recognised Indian school offering lessons in English was opened.

Rev Dr LP Booth
Letter from Mike and Marianne to Phyllis Naidoo

It’s bitterly cold here with heavy frost for the sixth day.

Conference between the Reps of Government of India and South Africa

The representatives of the Indian Government and South Africa

Sastri opens a New Indian School in Greytown

Sastri opens a school in Greytown

Strinivasa Sastri Agent General

Srinivasa Sastri as India's first Agent to the Union of South Africa. Srinivasa Sastri arrived in South Africa in June 1927 and served as Agent till January 1929

Speech Day

Speech at a Sastri College event

Sastri College - event

Presentation at a Sastri College event

Class photograph - Sastri College

Pupils and teacher group group photograph

YA Bayat - Sastri College

YA Bayat

Clairwood Junior Boys

Students in the classroom at a Clairwood school

Aerial view of ML Sultan Technikon

Aerial view of the ML Sultan Technikon

ML Sultan kitchen

Kitchen at ML Sultan


Anjuman Islam Primary School

Private Primary School


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