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Letter from Jeff Duma Baqwa to Welile Nhlapho

Notification to members of the Literacy Sub-Committee of meetings to be held during 1973, including an Agenda for the meeting of 21 September 1973

Why the nationalist say there is no place for mission schools
"Grasp the nettle"
"Indian Education" in a mess
"Indian Education" in a mess
A Black viewpoint on the special PSC on the state of the nation

Anglican Bishops and representatives of the clergy and laity met at St Peters Conference Centre at Hammanskraal to take a realistic look at the state of the nation at a time of irrevocable crisis with continuing deaths in detention, deteriorating education and deprivation of citizenship for incre

A call to conscience addressed to Catholics by their Bishops

Address by Bishops to Catholics on social and interracial justice, moral courage and dignity in human relationships within the South African context of racial discrimination.

A crisis from the cradle
A labour of love: The Biography of Dr Shishupal Rambharos

It has taken many months to put together this book, largely because Bhai Rambharos has had a long, varied and rich life that reflects so many different interests. It has been an immense task that has raised many difficult questions.


The Indian – Citizen or subject ?

A people's education
A shot in the arm for apartheid education
A Tax on poverty
A tribute to Ahmed Hassim (Amdhi)
African National Congress National Scholarship Committee: Information for Placement on Scholarship

Information regarding requirements for placement on scholarship.

African Schools in the Western Cape: Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1978

African Schools in the Western Cape - Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 16 March 1978 discussing education, Bantu Education Department, race relations, job opportunities and employment for school-leavers, schools boycott, unrest.

After Literacy, What Next?
AIDS: Psychological and social perspectives
Albert John Luthuli College
Alternative Education

Paper by Jack Simons on alternative education. Outlines an alternative education system for South Africa.


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