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Economics Press Cuttings 1979
People Dynamics June 1992. - vol. 10 no, 9
The group News - Vol 20, March 1987
Description South African Sugar Association 1974-1975, Hulletts News Nov/Dec 1980 - No.4 - 1980
Work In Progress 70-71, Nov-Dec 1990
MPD National directors update
A Guide for Rotanda Council operations
AngloGold - Towards Sustainability
Memorandum on wages and conditions of agricultural workers in Natal sugar industry
Arts and Africa BBC African Service, London

In this programme we meet two young artists, one paints and the other writes plays, who left Africa when they were old enough to have absorbed a lot of their own culture but when they had still to complete their education. 

Economic opportunities and Mode of living of the Indian Community
Commercial development
Memorandum submitted to the submitted by the department of Education
Extract from Indian affairs division

Minutes of meeting

Achebe 70th birthday, 2000

Chinua Achebe is a world-renowned writer of great achievment, a founderof modernAfrican literature. Various prominent writers, performers, poets, etc. hosts a weekend Conference in celebration of Chinua Achebe's 70th Birthday.

ENGEN Employee Newsletter, Aug 2001
The Association of University English teachers of South Africa. UWC 1996

Conference of the Association of University English Teachers of South Africa, hosted by the Department of English at the University of the Western Cape, 30 June - 5......

Carneson family
Black empowerment general press cuttings
opleiding van onderwyser en 'n paar werwanteprobleme-prof Olivier N\D


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