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Viva! Viva!
South African Liberal Economics and the Question of Power
Editorial: The Orderly Movement Bill
America's Bewilderment
A New Concept of Poverty
The Church and economics - what others have said

Pamphlet about the comparison between responses made to calls for sanctions against Argentina and South Africa. Note that large sections of the text are barely legible

Cosatu vision for 1994: the year of freedom
Notes of ANC economic seminar

Handwritten notes taken by Jack Simons at an African National Congress economics seminar to discuss the economic situation in South Africa and ANC plans.

Economic restructuring in post-apartheid South Africa: the role of local government rural and urban development

Discussion paper prepared for a seminar between the African National Congress Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade Unions and the Economic Trends Group in Harare, 28 April to 1 May 1990.

The Department of Economics and Planning

ANC memorandum on the structure, purpose and tasks of the Department of Economics and Planning.

The Economics Unit and the decision of the National Consultative Conference

ANC memorandum on the setting up and purpose of the Economics Unit and its move to the Department of Economics and Planning.

The economic basis of Afrikaner Nationalism
The economic crisis- hard times ahead
The Transkei tragedy: continuing a detailed study of effect of the Bantu Authorities Act in the Union`s biggest reserve
The social basis of the European political groups
Can the Congress of Democrats win mass support?
Can the Congress of Democrats win mass support?: A criticism
Economic notes


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