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Homelands for one-sixth

Bantustans mean too little money for developments which benefit only one-sixth of South Africa's compulsorily segregated Bantu-speaking people. The system defies the Republic's true economic needs.

Meeting basic needs
Notes on the political situation

Unauthored notes on the political situation in South Africa, prepared for the ANC National Executive Committee. Covers the crisis of apartheid colonialism, the economic crisis, the ruling class and the forces of change.

FOSATU strikes back at false attack on workers

STRIKING a gigantic blow against the false attacks on workers by both employers and the State, FOSATU has released the results of a crucial study on worker productivity.

Editorial: Constructing economic justice
Economy: justice and growth
More talk of markets and monopolies
Something has to be done
Encouraging aspects of a domesticated economy
The socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system

ANC paper on the socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system, prepared for the regional and national preparatory committees. Covers the enemy's strategy for survival, the total strategy and its application, and how to out-manoeuvre the enemy.

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