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Letter from Jennifer Davis to Phyllis Naidoo

Today it is intellectually fashionable to dismiss Africa as the continent of pestilence and ethnic conflict. A respected African American journalist even expresses gratitude that, because of slavery, he was born in America instead of Africa.


Town Clerks Memorandum from Indian Affairs Advisory Sub-Committee

Town Clerks Memorandum from Indian Affairs Advisory Sub-Committee

Zambia's humanism

Credo for survival.

Ujama on the march

Tanzania's post-Arusha year.

Britain and Africa

What are the aims of the new Africa, and how far does Britain share these aims?.

The conditions for national economics in Africa

he reaction against capitalism is on the whole less sweeping than it sounds.

Africa unity first

The European economic community seen from Uganda.

The rational use of land

Almost all the leaders of the newly independent states of Africa claim allegiance to the ideals of socialism.

Experiments in co-operative agriculture

Methods of economic development.

Yugoslavia: planning and autonomy

Looking at the economic development of Yugoslavia after massive destruction sustained during World War 2.

Planners, entrepreneurs, farmers

Methods of economic development.

Towards an egalitarian society

Economic development models.

Approach to African socialism

The planned economic development of Africa.

Towards a Certain Future: The Politics and Economics of Southern Africa
Africa`s economic malaise: understanding and perspective
Africa's Economic Prospects on the Resumption of Independence
Draft Resolution on ANC Economic Policy for National Conference

Draft Resolution on ANC Economic Policy, finalised at a National Workshop held by the Department of Economic Policy, 11-12 May 1991, for discussion within the ANC.

Will the State Wither Away?
ANC Seems Disastrously Incapable of Learning From Others' Mistakes
Economic Policy, Growth and Equity: Democratic Economic Growth


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