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Ben Schoeman, Minister of Transport 'sashed' on his arrival at East London airport, mid-1950s

Black and white print 21.2 x 15.8

Letter from Sivi to Phyllis Naidoo

Twelve days late, but all the same, a very happy new year to you and Sukhthi.

Letter from Howard to Phyllis Naidoo

I spoke to you about the case of Guy Berger and others presently detained under the Terrorism Act at Fort Glamorgan, East London.

Letter from TG Whinon to Phyllis Naidoo

I enclose a copy of our report Co, and Ford, and a copy of the paper I delivered to a seminar on labour relations in East London last month.

Letter from Jeanne Woods to Phyllis Naidoo

Please don't feel that I have ignored you. You are constantly in my thoughts, and I always feel a close bond to you.

East London

Greetings from East London

Letter to Sue - Phyllis Naidoo Collection

Letter to Sue - Phyllis Naidoo Collection

The East London strikes
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