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Freedom for my people: The autobiography of ZK Matthews, southern Africa 1901 to 1968

Chapter 7 - Political Activity.· 1940-53

Chapter 9 - Political Activity: 1953-51

Chapter 10 - Fort Hare: Acting Principal: Trial for Treason: Expropriation

National Party - 1990
"Go home to India" placard won't stop Anesh

An Indian police station commissioner's first day at the office heading an all-African force in Umbumbulu.....

Indian night clubbers say they were turned away from Baghdad Cafe

The party of six did a double-take bouncer said politely: "No Indians.....

Tale of racial abuse

PIONEER Zarina Mahomed, whose family was one of the first people of colour to move into a white area, is hoping her seven years of harassment are over at last. her licence. Mahomed said she perceived the actions of the traffic policemen to be raciallybased.

Indians get top jobs says COSATU

COSATU in KwaZulu-Natal is having to deal with racial tension among its membership who feel Indians are being favoured by white bosses....

No one wants to hear the sobbing prophet of the apocalypse

Rogue AWB elements planted-the latest terror bombs, says Eugene Terre Blanche.

Bond between Rustenburg's Indians and Afrikaners is stronger than right-wing bombs

This weeks bombing....

Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of The Witness and Daily News
Letter from the Committee for Non-Racial Education in South to Peter Brown
Letter from Peter Brown to Dennis Brutus
Civil Rights League Newsletter, Vol 40 No.1 February 1993
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXVI No.8 Issued 10 September 1979
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIII No.3 Issued 29 March 1976
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XV No. 4 Issued 24 May 1968
Civil Rights News Letter, September 1961
Report of the Treatment of Indians in the Union of South Africa

Report by the Government of India on the Resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 1946

Memorandum to the members of the Indian and Pakistan delegations attending the Preliminary discussions with the Government of the South Africa

There are so many forces bearing upon race relations all over the world that one of the greatest dangers to a local problem is to move it from its context on to the world stage where often happens that it is lost or submerged in the larger issues....

Memorandum on the Position of Indians in the Union of South Africa submitted to the United Nations

The existence of the Indian population in South Africa is not the result of any forcible or illegal entry of Indians into that country. It is, on the other hand, the result of organised emigration mutually agreed upon between the Goy.ernment of India and the Government of Natal.

Minutes of Meeting of City Council's Representatives on Lawrence Committee (Meeting held on Friday, 22nd May 1942)

Meeting held on Friday, 22nd May 1942


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