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STATE OF THE WORLD Emerging Trends and Concerns
Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Todays programme has news of the latest devolopment in the perennial entertainment of the travelling theatre and a chance to hear some of the earliest African music, the songs for babies and small children.

Affirmative Action in South Africa

Political reform in South Africa was taken one step further on 1 November 1995 with the country's first-ever democratic local government elections.....


Redefining Merit

Monograph No. 2: Redefining Merit explodes as myth the common understanding that a person's merit for a particular job is based on a neutral assessment of their ability to perform the work.......


The budget GEAR and the emasculation of the role of the state in the national economy
Interoffice memorandum on the Economic Conference
The Informal Sector, Gender and Development
The growth and development of the sugarcane plant


ANC Manifesto, 1999
The ANC Ten Point Economic Plan for Jobs, Growth, Development, Peace & Stability
The building has begun! Government's Report to the Nation, '98

In voting for a better life for all, the people of South Africa set the Government a mandate with three broad and interrelated goals, namely the establishment of a legitimate government that is democratic and an effective instrument for change....

Letter from Howard, Marge and Ginger to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Howard, Marge and Ginger to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Jennifer Davis to Phyllis Naidoo

Today it is intellectually fashionable to dismiss Africa as the continent of pestilence and ethnic conflict. A respected African American journalist even expresses gratitude that, because of slavery, he was born in America instead of Africa.


Letter from Nozipho J. Mxakato-Diseko to Phyllis Naidoo

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Hope - Peace - Prosperity - Development.

University Report: BBC African Service, no. 163, 1971
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 237
BBC African Service, no. 53, 1969
Assorted conferences, correspondence and articles
The New African: Volume 7, Number 2, 1968


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