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Editorial on Implacable Africa and Shakespeare Makoni.

Breaking of men

An anonymous South African is inspired by reading Ruth First's book "117 days" to describe his own experience of solitary confinement and interrogation, which led to his turning state evidence in a sabotage trial.

Njikelana on SAAWU
Mid-March in Uitenhage
Editorial: Further Down The Slippery Slope
Editorial: Half a Step Forward and Two Back
Interview with Murphy Morobe

Interview with Murphy Morobe acting National Publicity Secretary for United Democratic Front who has been a political activist since the early seventies when he became involved in the South African Students Movement (SASM)

Chapter nine: Political trials and detention
Freedoms we have lost
Can they ever be the same again?
The Black Sash Statement
A moral and legal outrage
Detaining the peacemakers
Members detained
1988: Detentions
Press statement

Press statement where Valli Moosa welcomed the return of Rev Frank Chikane and how he has been a subject of detention without trial and assassination.

Statement by business leaders

Statement by business leaders regarding the thought that the state had sufficient powers in the vast array of existing draconian security legislation to cope.

Statement on Death of Johannes Ngalo

Statement on Death of Johannes Ngalo, issued by Detainees Support Committee, DPSC and United Democratic Front regarding the death of Johannes Bonakele Ngalo after few hours in police custody.


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