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Cosas calls for release of leaders
State still to decide on fate of SAAWU men
Lone Lillian faces charges
Mark Kaplan sent packing

Ex-detainee Mark Kaplan was given an hour to pack before being deported to Zimbabwe.

Cosas leader missing
Detainees released after ten months
Kimberley schoolboys held illegally say lawyers
Detention is a lasting trauma
Inside Quadro
An open letter to Nelson Mandela from ex-ANC detainees
The Case of Samuel Mngqibisa (Elty Mhlekazi)
Editorial: Agents for Change
Detention and Evidence
May You Live in Interesting Times
The Paarl Report - A Closer Look
Statement of the church leaders regarding detentions, the hunger strike and the State of Emergency

Statement issued by Church leaders regarding their concern about the substantial number of people still in detention and others who have been released but still under heavy restrictions.

Health professionals and human rights in South Africa

Report on the impact of apartheid on health, health related problems of detentions, especially the detention of children, and the reaction of health professionals, and on violations and limitations of professional intergrity and human rights related to health care

Court Observer's Report for 1993: Presented by Cape Western Region to the Black Sash National Conference 1984

Court Observer's Report: Presented by Cape Western Region to the Black Sash National Conference on 16 March 1984 discussing pass laws, Urban Areas Act, detentions, apartheid.

Statement on detentions by General Secretariate of the SA Catholic Bishops' Conference

Report issued by the General Secretariate of the SA Catholic Bishops about the detention of two Catholic priests, Smangaliso Mkhatshwa and Clement Okoka.

South Africa Report

Handwritten report from an underground operative on discussions with the South African Institute of Race Relations, Unions and detainees about protests, stay-aways, strikes and marches. Also covers the Black Consciousness Movement, Buthelezi, and detentions.


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