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Pretoria Central Gaol, 1960
Release Moses Mayekiso
Release our leaders now
Release trade unionists
Renault steward released after four-month detention
Repression - victory for hunger strikers
Resistance politics will never be the same again...

Article by the United Democratic Front on the seven-month state of emergency, leaders who were in detention or had gone underground to avoid detention were re-emerging and the former are recovering slowly from the effects of lengthy incarceration.

Responses to Janet Cherry`s detention
Review since last Conference

The letter from Desmond Tutu to SACC regarding the review of the conference about the death of Steve Biko. Also asking the authority to institute the judicial inquiry into Steve's death.

Room 619
Section 29 of the Internal Security Act and the Rule of Law
South Africa Report

Handwritten report from an underground operative on discussions with the South African Institute of Race Relations, Unions and detainees about protests, stay-aways, strikes and marches. Also covers the Black Consciousness Movement, Buthelezi, and detentions.

Staement by Seth Sandila Mazibuku

This is a press release about the death of Steve Biko and the detention of black leaders.

State still to decide on fate of SAAWU men
Statement by business leaders

Statement by business leaders regarding the thought that the state had sufficient powers in the vast array of existing draconian security legislation to cope.

Statement of the church leaders regarding detentions, the hunger strike and the State of Emergency

Statement issued by Church leaders regarding their concern about the substantial number of people still in detention and others who have been released but still under heavy restrictions.

Statement on Death of Johannes Ngalo

Statement on Death of Johannes Ngalo, issued by Detainees Support Committee, DPSC and United Democratic Front regarding the death of Johannes Bonakele Ngalo after few hours in police custody.

Statement on detentions by General Secretariate of the SA Catholic Bishops' Conference

Report issued by the General Secretariate of the SA Catholic Bishops about the detention of two Catholic priests, Smangaliso Mkhatshwa and Clement Okoka.

Stephen Bantu Biko (1946-1977)
Stop assaults and detentions


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