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If only people could "eat" democracy
In sight of the end
Indian Opinion Vol.48 No.37 Sep 1950
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.12 Mar 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.53 No.17 Apr 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.30 Jul 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.6 Feb 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.1 Feb 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.2 Jan 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.3 Jan 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.6 Feb 1960
Inkatha sets out on a new path: "Democracy means freedom to choose"

Isizwe = The Nation, the journal published by the United Democratic Front to stimulate discussion, debate and training within their ranks, consisted of articles on topics relevant to the national democratic struggle.

Izwi lase Township, 1982 - 1984

Izwi lase Township was published by Ditshwantsho tsa Rona. It offered notes and views about current and past events.

Keeping an eye on the horizon
Kenya at the crossroads
Letter from Christian to Phyllis Naidoo

I was very moved when I received the constitution of South Africa. It was very thoughtful of you to send it to me. If my organization contributed just a little towards establishing democracy in South Africa, I would be thankful.

Letter from Irene and Ron to Phyllis Naidoo

Isn't it amazing how very close you can feel - how you can absolutely love someone who you have never met?!! If only we could meet some day -- but I can't see it ever happening. It's just great, then, that we can continue to feel such complete understanding, anyway.

Letter from Jennifer Davis to Phyllis Naidoo

Today it is intellectually fashionable to dismiss Africa as the continent of pestilence and ethnic conflict. A respected African American journalist even expresses gratitude that, because of slavery, he was born in America instead of Africa.


Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Ameen Akhalwaya

I heard a little while ago that you were seriously ill. Then I saw and heard you with Cape Town bid. You were in Switzerland. Then I read in the Sowetan that you were ill again. Whatever is the matter?


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