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Death of a revolutionary Frank Glass/Li Fu-Jen/John Liang 1901-1988
Death of a Tsotsi
Death of J O B Omotosho: Nigerain Marxist leader
December 16, 1976: Parents' day of pledging solidarity with the students

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students Representative Council, calling for a commemoration on 16 December 1976, of those killed in police violence and a rededication to the national liberation struggle

Descom Bulletin No 8, May 1985
Dr Neil Agget - Inquest on the Death - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Newspaper cuttings

E-mail from Ron Gray to Phyllis Naidoo

The following is, I think, as good an analysis of the recent events in Kosovo that you are likely to get anywhere.


Editorial on Weapons of transformation and In memoriam.

Editorial notes: Arthur Letele
Editorial notes: The murder of El Helou
Editorial: From Sharpeville to Uitenhage to Where?
Editorial: President Agostinho Neto
Fallen among wolves
Fallen Comrades

List of freedom fighters who have been captured, killed or wounded in the fighting in Zimbabwe.

Fighting Talk Volume 11 Number 4 June 1955

Fighting Talk - Special issue on the Congress of the People

Fighting Talk Volume IX Number 7 July 1951

Fighting Talk - organ of the Springbok legion

Frame - worker leader assassinated

On Friday 11th July Samson Cele was shot dead by a masked gunman as he waited at a Clermont bus rank.

From the Outside
GaRankuwa baby deaths: victimise, absolve, justice ever evade


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