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STATE OF THE WORLD Emerging Trends and Concerns
Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Jenny Zobel attended the annual international music festival taking place in the Cuban capital of Havana. Has been there to listen to the music and to talk to the musicians.


Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Today's programme starts on musical note, singing so smoothly and in French.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

This programme is about a month long season of events focusing on the Islands of Mautatius, the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean which covers many aspects of the region's culture including music at London's Africa Centre.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

The title given to this ambitious programme of cultural events that have revealed the richness and viriety of the atrs of Africa, not only to Londoners but to many people from every part of Africa is 'Africa, Africa'.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

This edition is about news of an original play for children, photography and Masquerades.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

This edition concentrates in events happened in Ghana. Firstly, a book launch which took place in Accra. It was quite an occasion; graced by fellow poets, , by music and the Secretary for Culture, the poet Kobena Eyi Acquah.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

The biggest event under the name, "New Directions in African Literature" with the sub title "Continuity and Change" was the most impressive gathering of some of Africa's best known writers. It included Novelists, Poets, Playwrights and Publishers.

Arts and Africa BBC African Service, London

In this programme we meet two young artists, one paints and the other writes plays, who left Africa when they were old enough to have absorbed a lot of their own culture but when they had still to complete their education. 

Arts and Africa

African brothers are very much all-rounders. They play traditional as well as Fi-life music. And they are accomplished singers and dancers as well as actors and comedians.

Arts and Africa

Alex Tetteh-Lartey spends a great deal of time talking directly to Africa's artists to try to find out how they tick, how they develop their creative skills, and of course how their work reflects the society from which it emerges.

The Order of Kilimanjaro Award

The African Overseas Union organised the Order of Kilimanjaro Award in Honoring writer, Philosopher and Professor Chinua Achebe.

Press cuttings on Workers from different industries
Indian middle class

Survey of Indians in SA-Ms articles prepared by staff  of UDW 1964 re:employment opportunities, educational Guidance, statistics, job reservations etc 1964

Vision into action
Letter from Lynn Oakley to Peter Brown
Mother Jones
A Nation at Work for a Better Life 2000: the Dawn of the African Century
The Institution for Historical Research


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