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Sotho ( Pedi) doll

KCAV 1851 N.Sotho ( Pedi) doll. Makombe. Grossert No 464

Sub Inspector E.A. Molotsane, Sup. P.A.P. Mampie. Mr Eister

KCAV 1840 Sub Inspector E.A. MOlotsane, SupP.A.P>Mampie, Mr Eister. Grossert no 367

Pedi women

KCAV 1845 Pedi women

Zulu dancing

KCAV 1802-3 Zulu dancing. No Grossert Number.

Traditional dressed males

KCAV 1805-7 Traditional dressed males. Zulu. Last picture may be Swazi? No Grossert  Numbers

Zulu children arriving with crafts

KCAV 1795 Zulu children arriving with crafts. Ekhombe show 3.9.1959. Grssert No 201


KCAV 1793-4 Sangoma. Mapumulo or Greytown area? No grossert number.

Tribal life

KCAV 1791-2 "Tribal ife. Zulu at show". Grey town area? c1959? No Grossert number.


KCAV 1788-1790 Beadwork. No Grossert number.


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