Court house

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Old Court House Pietermaritzburg

Part of Pietermaritzburg's colonial history lies in the proud Old Colonial Building, ... which was being renovated to house the offices of the master of the court.

The Market Square, 1880. The building in the froeground, a butcher's shop, was the court house till 1871. Original in SA National Society album

Black and white print 18.5 x 12.6cm

General Buller inspecting Pietermaritzburg Cadets, November 1900. G J Macfarlane (Mayor) presenting General Buller to Lieutenant Colonel Molyneux (Commander of Cadets) Court House in background

Sepia print 24.4 x 18.2cm

Court house

Court house dundee

Court House, Durban

The court house in Aliwal street

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