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costume dress of married woman

Traditional married woman 1990

Costume married woman Msinga

Married woman wearing an isicholo for parties and special occassions from Emachunwini clan, Msinga 1988.

Costume married woman Msinga

Three married women dressed in special party dress for Bata shoe factory year end party.

Costume married woman

Mrried traditional woman at end year Bata shoe factory Keat's drift 1989.

Married woman costume

End year christmas party bat a shoe factory Keat's drift Dec 1989.

costume dress of a married woman

Married woman from Msinga 1990.

costume dress

Senior or engaged girl and married woman from Msinga 1990.

costume eldery women Nompilo Madlala

Nompilo Madlala. an elderly possibly widowed woman from keat's drift Msinga.


 Outfit worn by married woman from the Ndwedwe area


 Outfit for Married woman from Dwedwe area

Costume dress

 Outfit of married woman woman Ndwedwe


 Miscellaneous items of married womans adress from Ndwedwe


Miscellaneous items from outfit worn by married woman from Ndwedwe


 Married womans beadwork and dress belonging to Zanele Shangase of Ndedwe


 OUtfit of Traditional woman moving away from tue traditional dress.


 Outfit worn by married woman amongst the Khuze of Highflats.

Costume dress

Two older married women from Mtolo family area of KwaMdakana.


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