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An open letter to members of the UMSA who have received copies of Carl's polemic

Open letter from Wycliffe Tsotsi to members of the Unity Movement, regarding Scrape Ntshona's suspension from the movement and accusations levelled against the movement by Carl Brecker.

Circular letter from A.K. Essack to members of the Unity Movement

Circular letter to the members of the Unity Movement explaining the current organisational position.

Letter to PW
Letters to the editor: The symbol of unity
Africa never colonized anybody on earth
Who is my neighbour?
Black Sash A.B.C.
From our postbag
From our postbag
Threads from the Black Sash
What then shall we do? from our postbag.
Control boads have cost us millions
From our postbag
Die Afrikanerdom se grootste gevaar is van binne (article written in Afrikaans)
Focus on El Salvador
An open letter to the United Nations
Letters to the editor
Fourth anniversary of the United Democratic Front: four fighting years

Article regarding United Democratic Front fourth anniversary. During this period UDF managed to draw together disparate and often unco-ordinated forces in the mass-based democratic movement into a mighty national anti-apartheid front.

Letters to the editor


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