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Africa never colonized anybody on earth
Africanisation of the Church

The article discusses the urgent need for Africanisation (or indigenisation) of the Church in South Africa and calls for the building on the work of the missionaries and more black clergy. Letters in response to the article are included.

An open letter to Desmond Tutu

Journal article containing a letter of support written by Allan Boesak to Desmond Tutu after the South African Government withdrew Bishop Tutu's passport and accused him of supporting subversive elements and encouraging a revolutionary climate in the country.

An open letter to members of the UMSA who have received copies of Carl's polemic

Open letter from Wycliffe Tsotsi to members of the Unity Movement, regarding Scrape Ntshona's suspension from the movement and accusations levelled against the movement by Carl Brecker.

An open letter to Nelson Mandela from ex-ANC detainees
An open letter to the United Nations
Apartheid is a heresy - a crime against humanity
Bantu education: A communication
Bechuanaland People`s Party: a protest addressed to the British Secretary of States by the Bechuanaland People's Party
Black Brother

Letter from Patrick Mosiuoa Lekota to Black Brother

Black Peoples Convention: rejection of foreign investment

The Black Peoples Convention National Congress held in December 1973 resolved to reject the involvement of foreign investors and this letter sent from BPC to 31 foreign firms calls on foreign investors to disengage from the economic system of South Africa

Black Peoples Convention: Terrorism Trial - a rededication and committment in the struggle, by way of financial support for bail money

An appeal for donations towards the costs of a court appeal and bail for Nkotsoeu P. Motsau

Black Sash A.B.C.
Circular from Valli Moosa to All Regions and Sectors

Circular from Valli Moosa to All Regions and Sectors with the agenda for the NEC meeting.

Circular from Zithulele Cindi, Secretary-General of the Black Peoples Convention, to Comrades

Circular from Zithulele Cindi, Secretary-General of the Black Peoples Convention, to Comrades, "On behalf of the National Executive Committee", correcting allegations printed in the press, and describing arrests and detentions of BPC leaders.

Circular letter from A.K. Essack to members of the Unity Movement

Circular letter to the members of the Unity Movement explaining the current organisational position.

Communique 1/73

This communique informs members of the Black Peoples Convention of resolutions passed at their 1st Annual Congress held at Hammanskraal on 16-17 December 1972.

Control boads have cost us millions


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