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Working principles

Principles adopted by different parties at the United Democratic Front's National General Council. Session 1 held on 06 April 1985.

Working principles

Guidelines of the United Democratic Front which should be followed in order to keep everything on the right track

Workers must discuss how guidelines add to Freedom Charter
Why we are calling for a National Convention: Memorandum by
White island, Black ocean

Article about Southern Rhodesia's political situation

What South Africa needs
We the People Election 94
War or peace?
Views on a constitution making body

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

Verwoerd's fatal mistake?

Editorial on Transkei's new status.

United Democratic Front may cause a bigger stir later on

Article discussing: affidavits on police brutality, the PFP's attempt at a bill of Rights to the forming of the United Democratic Front and Dr Perez de Cuella's visit to South Africa

Transkei self-government - To the Right of "Neo-Colonialism"

Opponents of the government's policy for the Transkei tend to divide into two camps.

TIC coments on the ANC's constitutional guidelines
The Salisbury talks
The SAIC accepts new constitution
The reluctant republicans
The Proposed South African Constitution A (Westminster) Pig in a (Pretoria) Poke?
The President's Council

Statement by the ANC Regional Command Headquarters on P W Botha's plan for a new constitution. Points out that the plan totally excludes the African majority.

The future of the Federation
The Election of a government


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