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ANC Youth League in the 1990s

Paper following discussion between South African Youth Congress and the African National Congress Youth Section Secretariat regarding launching the youth league and formulating a Provisional Constitution of the ANC Youth League.

Are we in earnest?
Articles of association of a company not having a share capital

Articles of association of a company not having a share capital. The name of the company is Centre for Development and Human Resources.

Attend mass meeting
Azaso pamphlet - scurrilous
Basutoland in transition
Beyond reform: the challenge of change - NUSAS July festival speeches

Speeches presented at the NUSAS July festival held at the University of Cape Town which include speeches about State strategy regarding constitutional proposals, Bantustans, educational struggle, community organisation and worker organisation.

Body and procedures for drafting a new constitution

Proposal of the African National Congress to CODESA Working Group 2 on a body and procedures for drafting a new constitution. Suggests ways in which a democratic, all-inclusive Constitution-making body would be formed.

Boycott the racist referendum!

African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa (APDUSA), is pleading to the Coloured and Indian community to bocott the racist referendum demanded by certain organisations concerning the New Constitution, and they provide various reasons for the call of the boycott.

Bury the new deal
Call for clarity on key points of guidelines
Central African Federation
Comments on constitutional proposals

Annotated notes by Jack Simons commenting on the proposals for the Constitution, prepared for the African National Congress Headquarters.

Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (COTRALESA) Constitution
Consitutions and Constitutional Change
Constituent Assembly and Interim Government

Paper prepared by the African National Congress Department of Political Education, on defining a constitution, what kind of constitution the ANC would like to see in South Africa, how it could be achieved and defining and discussing an interim government.

Constituent assembly call - salvation or scam?
Constitution changed: more power for workers
Constitution of the friends of United Democratic Front

Constitution of the friends of United Democratic Front.

Constitution of the United Democratic Front

Constitution of the United Democratic Front. Discussing the name of the organisation, powers, structure, membership etc


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