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The IFP's stance on negotiations: Consensus politics is the key
The Front debate

A compilation of articles discussing the issue of Mayibuye and the future of the United Democratic Front.

The case for and against a constituent assembly
Striving for a united front
SACP contribution towards an election manifesto

South African Communist Party (SACP) draft discussion document on the election manifesto. Contextualises the elections for a Constituent Assembly, discusses what the election manifesto should encompass and outlines outstanding strategic issues.

Popular debate breaks new ground
Outstanding issues in the negotiations process

Memorandum regarding negotiations. Includes free political activity, unilateral restructuring, elections, the Transitional Executive Council, the Interim Government of National Unity and the Constituent Assembly.

No "sliding away" from democracy
Matsoe a mohlophisi (article written in Sotho language)
Forward to the workers congress!
Editorial comment
Draft Code of Conduct for SACP members in an election list and serving Parliament and government structures at national, regional and local levels

Internal discussion document proposing a code of conduct in the light of impending elections for a Constituent Assembly.

Congress to call for the restructuring of the industry
CDF adopts OAU Declaration, resolves unity
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